Frequently Asked Questions About Double Entry Doors

Double Entry Doors

You want the entryway of your Charlotte-area home to possess an elegant, welcoming sort of style. That’s why you’re considering investing in double entry doors, which inherently possess a touch of elegance and grandeur. However, making the upgrade from a single entry door to double front doors isn’t an entirely seamless transition—you may very well find yourself with questions that need answering before you schedule your installation. That’s why Modern Restoration & Remodeling has put together this handy guide, answering some of the most common questions we hear from customers regarding their double entry doors.

How Much Do Double Doors Cost?

The cost of most double front doors starts at around $2,500 and goes up depending on the manufacturer you decide to partner with, the material your doors are made from, and the accents you opt for. Simple steel front doors tend to be the most budget friendly, while ornate wood front doors—the type featuring glass insets, sidelights, and transoms—often require the largest investment. Luckily, we partner with a wide variety of manufacturers, allowing us to help you find stylish entry doors at almost any price point.

Are Double Doors Less Secure?

People tend to assume that double front doors are less secure than their singular counterparts, since their design makes these doors seem particularly vulnerable to being kicked in. However, well-designed and well-installed double entry doors are actually remarkably secure. A reputable manufacturer will integrate reinforced locks, lock stiles, and lock rails into the design of their double doors. Meanwhile, trustworthy installers will ensure that your double doors are hung precisely, placing no undue stress on the hinges so that they can keep your entryway secure.

How Wide Are Double Doors?

The standard height for most double front doors is 80”, sweeping enough to serve as a statement piece in any entryway. When it comes to width, the most common dimensions for double entry doors are:

  • 60”
  • 64”
  • 72”

Your installers will make sure that your door frame and doors fit snugly into your home.

Where Can I Buy Double Doors?

While you can certainly purchase double entry doors from any big box store, we’d recommend partnering with an experienced installer. After all, proper installation is a prerequisite for security—you need doors that are properly aligned and precisely hung in order for them to offer the protection you need.

If you live in the Charlotte metropolitan area, Modern Restoration & Remodeling offers a wide selection of double front doors from several leading manufacturers. This allows us to offer a bevy of stylish doors at a wide variety of price points, making it easier than ever to find front doors that work for you.

Are Double or Single Front Doors Better for My Home?

Oftentimes, the question of whether to invest in single or double entry doors comes down to style: Which front doors will give your entryway the look you envision? Oftentimes, homes with more cozy entryways— perhaps featuring a small series of steps or a low-roofed porch—lend themselves to single entry doors that are designed to fit perfectly into the space without feeling overwhelming. Larger homes, on the other hand, tend to boast impressive entryways with soaring ceilings. These spaces are perfect for double front doors, which boast a level of grandeur that matches their surroundings.

Finding the perfect front doors doesn’t have to be difficult when you partner with Modern Restoration & Remodeling! Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get started.