Door Repair vs. Door Replacement: Which Do You Need?

No matter how much you like your home’s exterior doors, they will eventually have to be replaced. The thing is, you won’t always know when it’s time to make that change—and you may not get an honest answer from a contractor, either. Homeowners who don’t know how to assess the signs of door damage could be talked into having their exterior doors replaced before it’s actually necessary to do so.

It is possible to extend the lifespans of some damaged doors and their frames with repair services. This could save homeowners hundreds of dollars and plenty of time they’d otherwise spend choosing new doors and waiting for them to arrive. The time-saving part is even more important when you have a drafty door that’s increasing your monthly energy costs.

If you have a damaged door or frame, but aren’t completely certain it needs to be replaced, it’s time to inspect it yourself before calling a professional.

Signs of Damage

First, you need to know what to look for if there isn’t readily obvious damage to your door or frame—in other words, things like dents, cracks, broken glass panes, or sagging. Rot isn’t always visible at first glance in the way that those aforementioned problems are, but here’s how you can spot it:

  • Peeling paint
  • Softened wood, or feeling as though the door and frame aren’t as sturdy as they once were
  • Drafts
  • Warping

If you happen to catch these signs of rot before it’s spread too widely throughout your door or frame, you may be in luck: Rot can be cut out from a door and missing pieces can be replaced.

When to Repair Your Door or Frame

Door and frame repairs are possible when the damage is minor. Small patches of rot can be cleaned up, small dents can be sanded out, small cracks can be filled, and small drafts can be corrected by weatherstripping the door or installing a new jamb (which is one of the vertical sections of a door frame). Additionally, sagging doors may just need to be rehung in order to work properly again.

While it may be possible to repair moderate door or frame damage, the best thing to do when your problem fits in that gray area between minor and major is to have a contractor assess the damage.

When to Replace Your Door or Frame

Door and frame replacement is a must when those cracks, dents, and patches of rot are too severe for a simple repair to fix, or if the cost to perform those repairs would exceed the cost of a new door or frame itself. Replacement is also needed when a door becomes warped, as well as when it’s obvious that the door’s size changes too much in your area’s climate. Doors that are not made for certain types of weather will expand and contract greatly throughout the year, which can be problematic for homeowners.

Finding a Contractor

Whether it’s your door or its frame in need of repair or replacement, the job is best left to a professional. Make sure to do your due diligence when researching local contractors if you think you may be able to have your door or frame repaired. Prioritize those who advertise door repair services and have earned rave reviews from the community.

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