Steel Entry Doors Provide Charlotte, NC, Homes With Stylish Protection

Steel Front Doors

They say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So why not spruce up the first impression made by your Charlotte, North Carolina, home by upgrading to steel entry doors? In addition to providing your home with stalwart protection, steel front doors will make a stylish statement that sets your property apart from its neighbors. In order to ensure your home has a stunning effect on visitors and passersby alike, Modern Restoration & Remodeling can install premium steel doors from a leading manufacturer at virtually any price point. We make it simple to create the perfect entryway for your home.

Designed to Impress

Homeowners have long prized steel entry doors due to their beautiful and highly customizable appearance. The front doors that we install are no exception to this rule, boasting:

  • A wide variety of profiles suitable for virtually any façade, from stately southern estates to trendy townhomes
  • Decorative glass panel options that will fill your home’s entryway with light and provide your doors with an elegant appeal
  • Virtually endless color options, from rich browns and pristine grays to eye-catching red and yellow hues

Our steel front doors also boast shadowed panel embossments, giving them both depth and rich charm.

Engineered to Endure

Of course, the ability to keep homes safe from intruders and the elements remains the primary appeal of steel entry doors. You can rest easy knowing that our doors offer more than just a pretty face, thanks to their use of:

  • High-performance steel, capable of resisting impacts and intrusions alike
  • High fire-ratings, buying precious time during a crisis
  • Unbeatable manufacturers’ warranties that protect your investment

These features allow your home’s expressive first impression to double as an unbeatable first line of defense.

Create the Perfect Entryway for Your Home

Would you like to learn more about the steel entry doors that we install for homeowners in the Charlotte, NC, area? Contact Modern Restoration & Remodeling today!

“Having owned my own contracting company I am a pretty tough customer myself when it comes to hiring one. The guys at Modern Restoration were second to none. Starting off from the initial estimate until the last day of the job, the guys were always on time, extremely neat, delivered what they promised, were always very professional and it was all done at a fair price. They performed various jobs for me and I can recommend them highly without any hesitation whatsoever.”

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“David and Jacob did a great job on a somewhat challenging task. The job at hand was leveling a floor above the garage that was several inches lower than the rest of the house. Modern Restoration was able to craft a cost efficient fix that raised the floor while also insulating it. They worked efficiently and effectively with the hardwood floor contractor that followed him. The process was seamless and the costs were.”

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