Our Glass Front Doors Create Stunning Entryways for Charlotte, NC, Homes

Glass Front Doors

Glass font doors will provide any entryway with a touch of grace and elegance, making them perfect for the stately homes of the Queen City. Finding the right glass doors—beautiful doors that can stand up to years of use—can prove tricky, though. Instead of risking a doorway that fails to meet your expectations, contact the contractor that homeowners in Charlotte, North Carolina, trust—Modern Restoration & Remodeling. With more than three decades of experience and a selection of high-caliber products that match any price point, we can make sure that your glass font doors will make a stunning statement for years to come.

Combining Elegance With Endurance

We believe that every element of your home should perfectly suit your own unique style, which is why we install an extensive selection of glass doors from a variety of reputable manufacturers. Choose from fiberglass or steel doors, simple or decorative glass, wood-grain finishes or smooth painted surfaces. However, whatever choices you make, you can rest assured that your glass front doors will offer unparalleled performance. That’s because all of our manufacturers design their doors for:

  • Energy efficiency – All of our doors feature insulating components and weathertight sealing. Some dual-pane glass options even come with low-E coatings and insulating spacers, ensuring every element of your door resists thermal transfer.
  • Durability – Whether you choose fiberglass or steel glass doors, you can rest assured that they are made from materials specially designed to endure years of exposure to the elements.
  • Security – While the natural sturdiness of our doors makes them secure entryways, many of our manufacturers take things a step further by reinforcing lock stiles and glass panels against forced entry.

When we install your glass front doors, you can rest easy knowing that they provide more than just a pretty entryway. They will also add real value to your home by serving as an attractive and stalwart line of defense.

Would you like to learn more about the glass doors we install for homeowners in Charlotte, NC? Contact Modern Restoration & Remodeling today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

“Having owned my own contracting company I am a pretty tough customer myself when it comes to hiring one. The guys at Modern Restoration were second to none. Starting off from the initial estimate until the last day of the job, the guys were always on time, extremely neat, delivered what they promised, were always very professional and it was all done at a fair price. They performed various jobs for me and I can recommend them highly without any hesitation whatsoever.”

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“I’m very satisfied with the work that the people of Modern Restoration & Remodeling did with my windows. I would recommend them for their professionalism and their cleanliness. I wouldn’t have noticed they were here if it wasn’t because now l can see through my windows. Thank you Ray, Jacobs and Dylan!”

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